Sunday, June 14, 2009

miss him

every sunday, i want to write something spriritual, something uplifting, something good. today however my mind is empty, and i seem to be crying a lot for some reason. must be the lack of sun for the last three weeks. need 
when i posted the gordon b hinckley quote in one of my last posts, i cried as i read it. i cried as i typed. what a big baby i am. i am missing him. 
however, just want to make it clear, i love thomas s monson. in fact when we were at general conference years ago with some friends and all of our kids, we happened to see him in the joseph smith building, getting on the elevator. as soon as i saw him, i broke down in tears. right in the middle of the lobby, people were probably wondering what was wrong with me. 
i knew it, i felt it. he was special.
president hinckley is just my prophet, and my kid's prophet. he is my favorite. i remember my girls practicing for the dance jubilee which was a celebration of hundreds of youth in the honda center in connection with the dedication of the newport beach temple, and how my girls were touched when they saw him from afar, and how sweet he was when he raised his cane in thanks to all of these youth who had practiced all summer on a hot soccer field in mission viejo for an event which they would never forget. the numerous hours of practice were long and hard. however, it all was worth it. i remember how the girls were so excited to be somewhat close to where he was sitting in the arena, and actually had a good view of him. that was what they talked about afterwards, with excitement in their voices. they talked about how they felt and how happy and thrilled they were to participate in something so huge. something that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. makes me happy to think about it.
i remember when president hinckley would speak. his voice resonates in my mind. i can still hear him. i listened intently, usually with wet eyes.
he is something really special.

"We must live as true followers of the Christ, with charity toward all, returning good for evil, teaching by example the ways of the Lord, and accomplishing the vast service He has outlined for us."

Gordon B. Hinckley


In The Doghouse said...

My fondest memory of a personal experience i had with President Hinckley was when I attended the BYU Hawaii graduation the year before Gregory left on his mission.

President Hinckley was receiving an honorary doctorate award from the university and everyone on all the islands had come to witness it. As he entered the crowded gym, those beautiful Polynesian people stood in a wave like motion, those seeing him first being followed by each person next to him. In a chorus never to be forgotten, the spontaneous singing of "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet" rang from their beautiful voices. I could not sing. I could only sob at the harmony and beauty of this spiritual moment I was allowed to witness. I felt of their sincerity as they sang the words and suddenly humble gratitude was all I could feel too.

President Hinckley is a man I someday wish to personally thank for the beautiful example he gave us of a consecrated man.

shawna said...

i received your comment in church on my blackberry, and immediately started to cry. i could not read the whole thing. i tried again after the sacrament, still couldnt. now i am home, and now i have read its entirety. thanks so much for sharing.

Northam Clan said...

I quoted him in an lesson today and had to verbalize how cute he was and how I can hear his voice when I read quotes from him.

Cortney said...

I was the Director of a Youth choir for the Open House of the Fresno Temple, my Senior Year of High School. My uncle happened to be on his personal security detail and arranged it so I could be there when he walked by, and I shook his hand... it was amazing and so real. One of the first times I could say I knew he was a Prophet.

Shawna, you are wonderful!!

gr8apey said...