Saturday, June 13, 2009

magic in coto

i attended a wedding reception last night for a friend of emma's, paige mccormick. a darling, darling girl who found a darling, darling boy. looks as if they will live happily ever after. at least we hope so...and after a send off like they received last night, their lives should be magical, because the reception that was held in their honor was magic in the making-something i have never seen before, and will most likely never see again. on second thought, i am quite POSITIVE i will never see this again.

their reception was a carnival. and not some rinky dink little half done one, a real carnival. the only thing missing were clowns, and i am glad they left them out. would have scared all the little kids to death. i took my camera with me because i wanted to capture in photos what i was experiencing, but sorry folks, i could not capture hardly anything with my camera. i tried in vain to snap photos of the different elements, lots of cute activities like a balloon artist and a cotton candy machine, the huge bbq going with hot dogs and hamburgers, the homemade cookies with ice cream smashed in between...old fashioned photo booth and FERRIS WHEEL...but came up short. i simply could not capture what was before me. the night was pure unadulterated magic. even as i was driving a couple of miles away, picking hunter up from his 8th grade dance, i could see in the distance, the bright ferris wheel, high in the sky, towering over the houses, lit up like a huge circular christmas tree. a sight which will never be duplicated, and all in honor of a darling girl and her darling boy. 
so, i apologize for my negative reaction when i heard her reception was "carnival themed" was pure paige, and was pulled off quite nicely, i might add. awesome job, wedding planner...whoever you are, you are very talented. dane even won fish in the ping pong ball throw. yay! so, an amazing night for two amazing kids. go to emma's blog here to read what she says about it all...i am basically speechless.

it was hunters 8th grade dance last night too. i am sorry hunter, but your dance took a major back seat. he got a taste of what high school dances are all about. not sure if he liked his sampling, but here are a few photos of my cute boy who is almost a freshman and his cute almost freshmen friends. 

hope you live happily ever after, paige and doug, and emma i will never be able to match that reception, not even close, so just get that out of your head. and hunter, stay away from the girls who are dancing dirty. 


Cortney said...

that looks like some serious fun!

Marilyn McCormick said...

Thanks for your kind words. We are so happy that your family was able to join us because that is what really makes it special - having those around you that have touched your life.