Friday, June 5, 2009

aenon is love

aenon is home (with her friend mikey-apparently she is the only one who calls him that, but now i am calling him that too) for danepalooza weekend. tried to go to disneyland with eden's pass yesterday, but unfortunately got in trouble. such un-disney like behavior from the old lady at the turnstile. apparently they don't look that much alike. gosh. trying again today on her own newly purchased legit pass (hope they dont have the disney police looking out for a crazy redhead) and after a hearty breakfast of pancakes, and sausage that we determined looked like baby fingers...ewww. all left over from the seminary last day breakfast feast that i was fortunate enough to be head caterer for. fun fun at 6am. 

snapped a few photos of the jacaranda trees at the long beach airport while we were there to pick her up on wednesday evening. simply beautiful...and so glad to have her home. i think the dogs are especially happy about having all 5 home at one time. for some strange reason i think they know when one kid is missing from the group.
and they say dogs are dumb...

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gr8apey said...

can't wait to see her at dane's party!! hey, those pancakes look great! and the trees ARE pretty...who knew long beach had pretty anything?!