Friday, September 18, 2009

flower power

we are up to our eyeballs in flowers. they have taken our breath away a few times with the sheer beauty of them all. the Lord must have really loved us to give us these beautiful blooms.
no doubt.

made lots of progress yesterday, just need more (i guess 25 bunches of hydrangeas isnt enough), so carlsbad here we come...again. love a road trip in a cargo van for sure...this time we will secure the buckets though, so we dont have a giant flood in the cab. you should have seen me grabbing purses and phones and such from the floor as a huge gush of water came towards the cab! this would only happen to april and me. we laughed hysterically all the way home.

went through the hydrangeas faster that i thought, and still am searching for more purple roses...purple anything! all the purple was gone...popular color, i guess.

it is hotter than you know what (this would be the week of a heat wave), so we are both sweating buckets and would love to strip down if we could...literally dying in the heat! if you stop by (dont even think about it), beware, we just might be wearing inappropriate clothing.
on that note, i will be in the pool today, for sure.
so, all in all, a great day. a day that will never be duplicated. once in a lifetime deal...and selmas pizza in the evening. perfect ending.

cant wait to get started today (and finished)...cuz, tomorrow is IT!!
(and i know everyone is jealous of my knee pads...)

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