Saturday, September 19, 2009

the day has come...

we did it.
we completed most of what we needed to complete, free of any mishaps...except for the accidental throwing away of a bag full of needed supplies...including the brides bouquet oasis and the crystals which were the anchors on the table squares (minor detail). luckily i had my sidekick emma to save the day. she was my errand girl. ran to shinoda (in santa ana-never been there before...called several times for better directions)...ran to pavillions to buy $103 worth of plums and limes (with angry customers behind her because she went to the express line, then they had to count all 235 limes). she picked up dane from school, even managed to get him something to eat on the way home. then fit in a joannes run looking for more oasis,
which we never found.
AND she filled the car up with gas.
what a woman she is.
so glad she came home to help me.

so this is the chaos i work in when i create...i am sloppy, i think. even when i cook, i make a mess. but i am good at cleaning up. (notice the broom?)
and the end result is stunning, i do have to say.
now for my cooking, thats another story.

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