Monday, September 14, 2009

the heat is on

today marks the first day of the week we have been waiting for...for awhile now. this is the week of my dear friends daughters wedding. otherwise known as "the week". needless to say, the duty of providing numerous (and rather large) fresh flower arrangements all nestled in a backdrop of incredible beauty is daunting. her home is unbelievable, (and the humble person she is, probably reading this and shaking her head) the grounds (where the reception will be held) are i have my work cut out for me. not to say if i had to do flowers for a wedding set in a rather plain would be any different. (i have done my fair share of cultural hall receptions). well, maybe it would be, as the flowers would have to be REALLY good to take your eye away from the monotony of it all. (actually, yes, this would be true-been there done that). not the case here. we have numerous ancient oak trees and waterfalls and fountains to work around....i could go on and bottom pool, gazebo...(get the picture?). gorgeous backdrop, to say the least. it is absolutely perfect. so i probably shouldnt be that worried. (i really am not worried) just anxious to get going (but with fresh flowers, everything is last minute)!
anyway, this is what i will be doing this week (and i will be popping excedrin...and probably will not get much sleep...should i bring my sleeping bag, april?)...and i am REALLY excited.
it will be amazing, for an amazing bride and groom.

and the flowers will be REALLY good, i promise.


gr8apey said...

you said WAY too many nice things...and yes, i shook my head several times and yes, it WILL be fabulous, of that I have NO doubt!!! But...GAME ON!

meeshw said...

Hi Shawna...I am lurking through April's blog...hoping that's okay...this is Michelle...but I just had to comment that I think you will do an amazing glad that you are there helping with the preparations!!!...what a crazy week it will be but sooo fun...wishing I were closer and not working:(...
I also wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog...yep decided to delurk and tell you...:)
See you this weekend!!!

The Max Family said...

Shawna :)

you have amazing talent with flowers I know I loved my flowers on my special day 10 yrs ago and you were the one that worked the flower magic and they turned out lovely, I will call you when my 2 girls get married :) Dont worry no rush they are 3 and 5 haha :)

Kelly SimsMax