Sunday, September 20, 2009

its a beautiful day

i was on my feet, like 12 hours or something yesterday. woke up this morning not sure if a mack or peterbuilt semi-truck had run over me last night. all good though-seriously
a great feeling when
you have worked so hard you wake up sore.

the day we had been waiting and planning and preparing for finally came. would do it all over again in a minute...and i dont think i would do much differently (except maybe take a much needed shower and actually get dressed up for the end result... i was still in my rainbows when the party started...oh and turn the thermostat down just a bit, please). everything came together perfectly...everything was beautiful. the food was awesome, the flowers held up in the heat (i was worried, however only had a few wilters) and the band was amazing. glenn kept raving about this band that he hired...i kept thinking, how good can they be, does it really make a difference if the band is good? (i'm not really into the whole dancing thing) but, in a word, YES, it makes a difference. and i actually danced with my sweaty kids
(mccusker boys are included in that "my kids" thing)
all around me...way fun.


and the highlight of the day...words cannot explain the beauty, serenity and peace of the temple...and the ordinance which took place there yesterday. i kept peeking at elyse as she was listening to the sealer...her beautiful face just beaming. she glowed with her gorgeous crimson hair framing her face (i'm partial to redheads, you know).
just cant explain it. words don't do it justice.


took like 400 pictures, so i have to choose just a few to put here...tough choice, cuz emma the photographer is really good. she kept telling me how she wants her wedding...then another cute one came to me and was saying the same thing. they were two little chatterboxes, throwing out colors schemes and ideas. this kind of flower-that kind of flower. this kind of dress-that kind of dress. and they kept directing their comments straight to me...why? very unfortunate that i was even involved in these conversations. and what do you say to these darling girls with stars in their eyes? we had a few wedding dreamers in the crowd, for sure. par for the course with all of the love in the air. their weddings will be just as magical, and i am committing here publicly
that i will help them make it that way.
hate to tell ya ladies, this was a wedding dream.
don't think you'll be able to top this one.
my work is indeed cut out for me when it is emma's turn.

it's a beautiful day.
and i'm in trouble.


Tera said...

Yep, it sure looks like a dream wedding. And once again Shawna, your flowers are amazing - you have a real gift, you know that?

gr8apey said...

I can't even believe that you have time to BLOG!!!!!!! I just turned on my computer for the first time in DAYS!! You are toooo much! I couldn't open your pictures you sent because the file is to big...I will just have to swipe you card from you...I didn't get a single picture! WHAT A DAY...WHAT A GORGEOUS DAY... and it would have NEVER looked that good without you and emma. tell emma that she has me at her disposal when her day arrives. I love you both!

Claudine Barnett said...

Shawna, absolutely beautiful, exquisite job. I am in awe. You rock.

Nikki said...

Great pictures! I may have to steal a few! And the flowers are gorgeous! I may have to convince my girls to get married in Cali. Or maybe just fly you out!

Northam Clan said...

I don't know if I ever properly thanked you for doing my flowers on my wedding day. They were more then beautiful and I was so happy to see you and Craig there. So....if I didn't before, THANK YOU a MILLION times over for making my wedding so beautiful.