Sunday, September 27, 2009

i love technology

so for the longest time we (aenon, emma and me) have been telling my 83 year old mother (sorry mom, just had to add your age in there for effect) she would enjoy her own computer. the desktop at their home, is sort of used exclusively by my dad. she has access to it, but wanted one of her very own. i know how that is, as i have my mac, craig has his laptop, and even the kids had a laptop (which recently died...they are lost without it) that they used. they now are required to use the desktop which everyone hates. funny how you become attached to inanimate objects. when edens previous laptop died about a year ago, we about had a funeral for that thing. she mourned for days over its demise.

i think in this day in age, everyone should have their own personal laptop...their very own. one which they load with all the things they love. bookmark all the wonderful sites that interest them. load all the personal photos with meaning to them and only them.

so...after much talk, aenon took my mom down to the mac store and look what they bought. i am so happy for her, as i think
this will open up a whole new world.
pretty soon, we'll be skyping!

skyping with grandma.
cant think of anything better.


emma johnson said...

i almost cried when i saw this. i love my grandma.

gr8apey said...

hahahahaha...I wonder how long it will sit in the box! Good for her...I hope when we are that age we are just as excited to get our own "hover craft" or george jetson maid...whatever...just to keep up!