Sunday, September 6, 2009

reality setting in

school starts on tuesday, and my annual funk is beginning to rear it's ugly head. i can feel the depression setting in, the reality of a grim situation staring me in the face. no longer will i have kids making a mess all day long, video games blaring and night owls sleeping in till more sunburned noses, damp beach towels strewn all over everywhere and sandy beach chairs thrown in the back of the car. will even miss
dane walking around wearing only his boxers.

and there will be the dreaded silence.

something i haven't experienced in awhile. just me and the dogs left at home to hold the fort down. i wont know what to do with myself. i will most likely wander around the house as if i am lost, waiting for 2:30 to roll around. i cant even imagine what is going to happen to me when hunter goes on his mission, or the day when i am officially an empty nester.
cant even think about those days ahead, just might slit my throat.

so on that positive note...all you moms out there, you all have a great first day of school.

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Tera said...

Let's do a project. I can bring all my little noisy kids, and then I promise it won't be quiet anymore. HE HE HE.