Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my forever friends

so i was reading april's blog this morning and she made reference to one of the most fun outings i have ever been on. jarred my memory a bit...a flood of really good memories filled my brain...our october 2006 bike trip to vermont. so incredibly fun. we biked along beautiful country roads (amidst gorgeous fall foliage) to our next destination (only a mere 20-30 miles) which ended up being some historical home, resurrected into a gorgeous, quaint and warm bed and breakfast. we ended up visiting a total of 3 bed and breakfasts and biked probably close to 100 miles. words cannot express how much fun this trip was. words cannot describe the exhilarating feeling of biking along these unbelievably serene and picturesque back roads (after all of the complaining about the accompanying steep hills-april you were a champ, you did not complain once-you are my hero), complete with grazing cattle and gurgling streams, gorgeous architecture and a quiet that is inexplicable. and words cannot express how glad i am that i was fortunate to be in the company of some pretty great people. my friends whom i dearly love. my friends who waited for me to catch up....and didnt think twice about it.
(well, melanie was in the back with me some of the time...nursing a hernia,
no less-so glad i had a little company, pullin up the rear).
i had no valid excuse for my slow pace...just old age (i am older than these lovely ladies) and absolutely no preparation
at all for sitting on a bike seat and peddling for miles on end for like 8 plus hours a day.
(note to self: next time ride a bike a little beforehand to prepare for this shock on your body)

a few things have changed since then. a few little tweaks in our lives. a few little adjustments. however, we are all alive and well, and life has gone on. we might be a couple of years older, and possibly wiser but we are actively adjusting to the curve balls life has thrown at us.
and doing well, i might add.

so to my dear darlings, april and melanie...such fun memories with two of my favorite people in the whole world...maybe we should do it again, sans the boys...
how does 3 moms and 15 kids sound?
now THAT would be fun!


gr8apey said...

who says the kids have to come...they ruin everything!!! we could easily do that alllll alone!!! we really did have a little too much fun...and yes, some things have happened since then...but we still look the same!!!
ps. you need to teach me how to scan pictures into my computer!

Cortney said...

This looks like so much fun. I have always wanted to do something like that... well maybe not on a bike... a scooter maybe, or a limo?!?!?

emma johnson said...

you little ladies are cute.