Saturday, September 26, 2009

la jolla again

i am in la jolla at the moment with hunter. america's finest city tournament. we were here in may too. saw mira costa play a great game. still a really good team...they look like a bunch of beach rats, including the coach with dreadlocks. some things never change. i was one of the young girls who hung around the mira costa pool waiting for my beach rat polo man to finish his workout...back in 1977 (i am ancient, i know). remember sitting in the stands watching him play, and lots of waiting around, sitting on the cement at tournaments, trying to stay out of the sun (cuz it saps energy) just like now. remember it well. just glad no little girls are waiting for my current polo man...maybe in a couple of years. dread the thought.

titans are struggling a bit...lost both games, but there is still hope. today is another day. so wish us luck...and hunter is feeling a bit better...with the help of an inhaler, steroids and a heavy duty antibiotic. think i may have another asthmatic child on my hands. lets hope this clears up soon.

go titans.

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gr8apey said...

oh my word...they boys said that hunter was sick...but that meant a cold....not this! Hope he feels well enough to bloody a nose or two! enjoy.