Saturday, September 12, 2009

the power of positive thinking

so hunter has been telling me the last couple of weeks he is going to make the first goal of the varsity season. i keep nodding my head and smiling, thinking to myself, "oh hunter, you just keep thinking those things...wont happen, but you just keep hoping...and dreaming." o ye of little faith.i also know that hunter, as good as he is at water polo... is not known for his shooting abilities. he is known for using his big body to throw opposite team members around like little toothpicks.
so yesterday afternoon whistles are blown and the game begins...within just a few minutes, actually seemed like seconds...before i can even figure out what is going on in the game, and what the splashing is all about...AND get my camera poised (missed the shot)...i hear a big thud on the back of the goal...
the first goal of the season. he did it. he made his a couple of ways.
he even went on to score yet another goal.
he emerged from the pool with a scratched back and chest and red, burning eyes (thats what happens when there is too much pee in the pool-gross i know).

and they lost by 1.

i think he learned something yesterday.
maybe i learned something too.

set a goal and make it happen.


Cortney said...

Wahoo Hunter! Power of positive thinking. I probably should work on that!

gr8apey said...

I don't know who was more excited...Hunter, or carson and max! they told me all about it!!!!