Wednesday, September 2, 2009

man without hair


just picked up hunter from training at camp pendelton. i guess part of the freshman ritual, is the shaving of certain heads...primarily hunter's. apparently he was the only one who would go along with the prank...what a good sport he is. his senior friend and team mate, michael english did the shaving...and left his eyebrows alone. for some freshman a couple of years ago, that was not the case. i threatened anyone who touched my boys eyebrows with bodily harm.
looks as if they were listening.
anyway, was the bearer of corky's breakfast burritos this morning...they were a big hit for these hungry boys...and this is what i saw as i approached the water...a team of 42 water polo boys who looked like a pod of seals.

i could not pick out the familiar head i know so had changed a bit.

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gr8apey said...

I take it pedros didn't do the burritos! Corky's are HUGE!!! but then so are all of their servings. Hunter looks like a little boy with that short hair!