Tuesday, September 1, 2009

color love

so i visited one of my favorite places yesterday...plant depot in san juan. bought a few new succulents for my succulent conglomeration...after spending like 20 minutes deciding which ones i would take home..such a big decision, you know. then put together a pot which sits on a table outside of my french door by my kitchen. the pot has been empty for awhile, looking very neglected. now it is adorned with some beautiful foliage...inspired by the amazing pots scattered on the sidewalks of downtown salt lake city. i used this one plant which is a bright chartreuse green (dont know the name of it, of course). i think this is my favorite color in the whole world, besides the greyish green color of an olive tree and these amazing succulents...o then again, i think toby's coat color is my ultimate favorite, the color of my walls.
that deep greyish, silvery brown.

so what color does it for you?

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