Thursday, September 24, 2009

sick and tired

so hunter has a game yesterday. feels terrible, coughing like a maniac. trying to stay above water, i can see it in his face. tired eyes. poor guy. they lose by 1, after numerous terrible calls by very biased refs. why is it that they hate tesoro? every time. every single time. craig is so upset with the refs and doesnt have a problem telling them...then gets into it with a canyon (opposing team) dad and the kid running the shot clock. pointed insults going back and forth...just wanted to hide under my beach chair, telephoto lens in hand. reminds me of the time he was thrown out of a little league game for being too vocal...ughhh.
then after we get home, (and after a mad dash to the high school to retrieve forgotten books from a locker) couldnt get on my computer, cuz we are officially down one and the kids needed it. the other laptop died, then the printer doesnt work...pretty frustrating night, i will say. and hunter this morning is feeling weaker and sore throat is back...what's next?
well, dont have any dog food this morning, so i have 4 eyes looking at me with disdain.
they hate me right about now.
hope the day gets a little better.

update as of 9:30am...another computer died...and dane is home with crud in this throat.
love my life.


In The Doghouse said...

Dang it, I wish you lived down the could borrow some dog food! :) Hope your day gets better!

shawna said...

i wish i still lived down the street...and the dogs got a breakfast of old hamburger patties and half eaten toast. their junk food day, for sure.

gr8apey said...

hahahaha...I'm only laughing because I HATE technology. Where are the good ole days when we just wrote out all of our assignments and we typed them manually!! we corrected things we typed with those strips that you would stick in the typewriter...and remind me NOT to sit by Craig in the basketball games!

shawna said...

dont worry, i wont be sittin by him either. save me a seat!

Karen Munton said...

Poor Angel was out of dry dog food all day yesterday. I improvised by using left-overs in the fridge, but she was NOT happy. Finally went and got her food today. Our tortoise is the other one who has to "fast" occassionally too. Always out of greens for the poor little guy. Sorry about the rough day. A lot of my friends are feeling a little down lately.