Monday, September 21, 2009

little slave boy and girl

emma has left for the airport...wont see her till thanksgiving. missing her already. just want to tell her how much i appreciate her helping me this weekend. being the little servant girl, ok with having orders barked at her and then executing her task beautifully. seriously could not have done it without her. we had fun holed away in the hot garage, but when the action started to hit at like 5pm saturday, and things moved into high gear, she was right there by my side, working right beside me. so fun to have her there.
a big thank you to hunter too. he jumped in with both feet when glenn summoned him, telling him it was time to lug 20 or so rather large and heavy pieces of sound equipment down loads of stairs in the scorching heat. so i had 2 happy helpers this weekend...just call them the slave children.

i have realized (actually long ago) it is rewarding to work and work hard. my dad taught me this as i was growing up, and it has stuck with me. i am a worker. my dad once called my sister and i "doers". id like to think i do a job right, and chip in when others need it. good feeling. you may be helping the one who is needing the assistance, but ultimately, the benefits come back to you.
so in reality, i am just completely selfish.
just do the right thing and work your butt off.


gr8apey said...

They can just join my slave kids and start a union. wait we need them to stay our slave children...actually, I need to give mine a break!! Thanks again.

meeshw said...

Shawna thanks again for the pics and I would like to restate that the flowers were fact both you and april and your team of slaves did a fabulous really was a day/night to remember just like you want it to be.