Friday, September 11, 2009

mixed emotions

it is my dad's birthday today.
unfortunately, he shares it now with one of the most tragic days in history. so, on that note, i think we should all pause and thank the Lord we are alive and able to continue on with our lives...and have birthdays,
unlike so many who suffered and perished on this day 8 years ago.

so happy birthday, dad. you are a wonderful man, and so glad i chose you to be my dad,
and you chose me to be your daughter. we are a match made in heaven, literally.
enjoy this day and know i love and cherish you deeply.
you are the best.
and thanks again for the alaskan cruise, (where this photo was taken) it was so fun!


gr8apey said...

we played the game "where were you when..." this morning. brought back disturbing memories. but glad that you have a wonderful reason to remember.

Cortney said...

It's my sisters birthday too! Lets just say her 16th birthday was anything but pleasant... Happy Birthday to your totally adorable dad!!