Thursday, September 10, 2009

how low can you go?

we had the rare opportunity to visit the pediatric cardiologist today. hunter's cholesterol is too LOW. interestingly enough, he was born into a family with siblings on lipitor, tricor and simvistatin to lower the HIGH cholesterol we have all inherited. hunter the lucky boy he is, got the complete opposite from the same lovely gene pool. in fact his is so low, the doctor basically admitted he had never seen a case like his. combined score is 64. however heart is healthy and echo cardiogram came back normal.
even got to see his lovely heart in action with an ultrasound. everything a-ok.
just need to take a pill and watch it.

this little outing with him got me thinking about the time when he was a kindergartner. reminded me of a little boy with a bald head who followed me around on my errands before his afternoon session of school. easy going and always happy. never a trouble maker or boy you had to reprimand for climbing on things he shouldn't or being too noisy and obnoxious. not once did he hide in the clothing racks or run down the aisles. he was a perfect little boy. still is a perfect little boy, bald head and all.

so i wanted to share this today, then looked in my archives for a photo of hunter when he decided to cut his own hair, which landed him in the barbers chair with a mess on his had to be completely buzzed off. his blonde bowl cut gone. sort of what he looks like today. however now he is just a bigger version of the same easy going, good boy i knew way back when.
and so glad his heart is as good as gold.
kind of like the boy i know and love.


emma johnson said...

maybe our cholesterol is a true sign of the character of our hearts.
my cholesterol is perfect, by the way.

Jared and Katy said...

oh my it when you post old pictures...I totally remember the cute dress of Eden's and your sweet fun!

Cortney said...


gr8apey said...

hahahahaha...LOVE THOSE PICTURES. Isn't it funny to look back and then see where they are now. Fascinating. love that bald head.

Andrea said...

Oh there you guys are... I totally remember those days... I actually remember the day hunter cut all his hair off! wow. I miss you guys. Those were the days. Love ya.