Friday, May 1, 2009

little einsteins

this is eden and her cute friend, chelsea. they are advanced placement european history studying machines. they took the day off yesterday just to study. ok, that would have NEVER happened with me when i was in high school. i guess things have changed, or the next generation is just responsible and together...and smarter. these girls live, eat and drink ap euro, but cant wait till it's over. they take their final today. hallelujah.

i am blessed to have intellectual children who want to do well in school-almost too well-obsessed with every A-. hello, it's ok to get an A-...or even heaven forbid a B+. they look forward to receiving their grades in the mail...remember when you used to watch for it, then try and hide it from your parents? i am positive most kids from my generation know very well what i am talking about. those days are over. i cant even begin to help eden with her calculus, let alone make sense of what is written on the page. just think of the joy we could have brought to our parents had we paid attention! (i should speak for myself).

they say each generation gets a little better than the previous. in my case, this is a fact. it's a good thing.

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