Saturday, May 2, 2009

big boys rule

another post about hunter's size. he is just a beast, or i prefer to call him my gentle giant. and who would have thought he could ever pull off a speedo.

we are in la jolla as we speak, at a water polo tournament with his club team. we are conveniently housed by the marriott, and get to tool around on beautiful tree lines streets with magnificent views of the ocean. yay for tournaments which allow me to have mini vacations in beautiful places! aenon is with me too-an added bonus. anyway, all is good, hunter is playing well and we are having a grand old time. i will follow up with more pics tomorrow. till then, sweet dreams.


Shanna said...

You know, Hunter's physique reminds me a little of Jacob's around that age (he was on the high school swim team), and now Jacob seems built a lot like Grandpa. Let's hope they'll both be fishing and golfing in their 80's too.
My mom sent me the link to your blog a few weeks ago and I've since caught up on all the posts and been LOVING it.
Good luck Hunter, and please say hi to everyone for me!

In The Doghouse said...

No! That can not be the Hunter I know! lol My Hunter still plays with Megazords! lol Good luck with the tournament! Hope you guys had a great weekend in La Jolla!