Sunday, May 17, 2009

all creatures great and small

if you have followed my blog, you know i am a nut for animals and anything alive or crawling. always been like that. and this wont be the last time i write a detailed post about some insect. the only thing we really enjoy getting rid of is flies and black widows-o and rats. we actually love to watch maggie trap the flies on the picture window and eat them. she is actually quite good. she is also an excellent rat hunter. killed a few of those too. not pretty. 

if there is a harmless spider in the house, we carefully whisk it outside to rest on some leaf. i know, we are strange. actually feel sorry for the mangled daddy long leg who get ruined from some random accident. hunter the other day felt an itch on his leg. his itch was a tiny, baby praying mantis (our garden favorite). he called me into the room to take him outside, holding his leg in such a way as to not harm this little creature. i came running. i gingerly scooped him off his leg, and outside he went to rest on my climbing rose. eden, found him again the next day (he is all of a 1/2 inch long, if that) and quickly grabbed the camera. she flipped the camera on manual focus (dont know how she knew how to do this-she has taken like 5 photos in her whole life) and captured these incredible photos of our garden friend. amazing. 

i have found my new summer buddy.

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