Friday, May 1, 2009

update on the little einsteins

well, i just spoke to eden. she shared with me a heartwarming and unique experience.

3rd period: her class ready to take this dreaded final of all finals. teacher needs to use the restroom, so all students must wait outside until she returns. there are 20 or so kids standing in the outside hall biting their nails, anxiously waiting, fretting in a major way.

eden has the bright idea to have a prayer!

yeah, thats what we should do when in need of a few blessings! so...she gathers all the kids around (mind you, probably a few Jewish kids and maybe even a Buddhist thrown into the mix), makes the suggestion and it flies. the kids were all in agreement, when everyone grabs their neighbors hand, and within seconds a prayer is being uttered by my sweet eden-thanking Heavenly Father for the opportunity to learn and become better educated. asking for clarity of thought and peace in the classroom. simply amazing. and miraculously, the kids were talking afterwards about how they got the essay question they knew, and that they thought they did very well...all smiles and a certain quiet came from ms thompsons ap euro class today. today may be a day some of those kids remember for awhile.

need i say more?

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In The Doghouse said...

Eden has always had a special spirit! I love Eden.