Saturday, May 23, 2009

YOU got a facebook?

i know, i know...i said i would NEVER get a facebook. voiced my opinion loudly. i lied. i caved. i succumbed to the peer pressure. however, i will NOT add any kids (well, emma forced me into adding her...boy where is my backbone?). i would be really perturbed if i were some kid and all of a sudden some old man throws in a comment like. "you look cute in that photo" or "have a good weekend!" just weird to me. or when your dad (craig) starts commenting (negatively i might add) about the boys that you are friends with. craig is barred from mine now too. his comments were excessive and annoying. he has been sent to his room. he is grounded. ugghhh.

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In The Doghouse said...

Welcome to the dark side! Will you be my friend? I am OLD.