Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sandal time

i had an epiphany the other day. i all of a sudden wanted some bernardo sandals. i remember wearing them as a kid. can still see the perfect leather stitching around the sole and the tiny buckle. i remember the quality of these glorious sandals my mother would buy me every summer. she would march me into bullocks and off we went to the shoe department. in those days, these well made sandals were a splurge, an expensive shoe for a little girl. i didnt appreciate them as much as i appreciate them now. now i realize my mother had class. she shopped at Bullocks, and I Magnin and then there was Bullocks Wilshire-the higher end version of just plain old Bullocks, o and there was Joseph Magnin too-the elite of the elites. we frequented all of these stores. however, she was always looking for a great price, a designer label on sale. she taught me the thrill of a good buy. (say hello to a good buy...just HAD to say that) she would take me to have lunch at Bullocks, in their tea room on the top floor. i remember vividly the magic of a "Bullocks popover", all crispy and brown on the outside, eggy and soft on the inside. this was where the "ladies" ate, and i was lucky enough to be one of them, if only for an hour or so. i still didn't appreciate the good taste my mom radiated. 

on some saturday nights, she wore fur and would get all dressed up to go to the "debonaires" with my dad and their gang of friends. still dont know what that word means. she would put on long gloves and wear glittery jewelry, and would carry a color coordinated sequined clutch. they liked the opera and attended lots of symphonies and musicals and such. my mother was a vocalist too, so she was versed in the latest musical, familiar with every tune.  she liked fine china, knew all of the expensive brands of crystal and taught me the subtle differences between silverplate and sterling. taught me how to "feel" the difference. she was always on her best behavior. always had good manners. however, she is vivacious and fun, very social and not afraid of ANYTHING. wonder what she truly thinks about my paper plates and plastic spoons we use on a daily basis. every time i go to her house i say, "mom we need to get you some plastic cups so you dont have to dishes all day long." 
she laughs at me. "oh no, that's not necessary" she says. 
she's probably dying inside every time she comes to my home and there are no placemats on the table, and my dogs are licking the dirty silverware in the dishwasher. sorry mom. 

so this is to my mom. i am going to go buy me some bernardos this week, so i can appreciate the fine leather and quality workmanship all over again. amazing how these sandals too, have never gone out of style. now that is a sign of class.   


Cortney said...

I feel like I escape into a different world when i read your blog... makes me happy!

Callie said...
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