Monday, May 4, 2009

let's not forget...

while away in san diego this weekend, one of hunter's games was at a jewish center. my first reaction was, "what's a jewish center?" aenon was with me and quickly responded with, "i bet the pool is nice!" well, that was certainly the case when we arrived. it was an absolutely beautiful complex. we proceeded into the pool area, where hunter played his games. then, when walking out to the car, after everything was over, i noticed this amazing memorial in the front of the facility. there were beautiful sculptures and water features scattered amongst the foliage, which added to the beauty of this architectural masterpiece. to those in the san diego area who had relatives perish in the holocaust, this was a magnificent memorial. it was a reverent and serene setting. a beautiful tribute. i read the names carefully, imagining that was someone's mother, sister, father or son. beloved family members with faces and spirits who accompany the names carefully etched in the black granite slab. while my son waited for me, i was grateful he was standing right beside me, actively breathing and very much alive. i cant even imagine the mountain of agony those people endured. their pain unmeasurable. their demise so vulgar. so, in honor of those precious souls who died. know that some obscure, unrelated person is thinking of you, and remembering the sacrifice you endured.

i couldn't help but focus on "fay schwartz". her name popped out at me when i approached the huge wall of carefully organized letters. she has the same name as my own precious mother who is alive and well at the age of 83. i hope fay schwartz is doing wonderful things and watching her posterity prosper and carry her name and her strength with them.

our neighbors and good friends next door are jewish. we have been lucky enough to be invited to their children's bat and bar mitzvahs. what a wonderful experience for MY children to see how others worship and celebrate their religion. we have a certain respect and admiration for our jewish friends. thanks for being such good examples of good, moral people. some latter-day saints i know need some lessons from them.

maybe us mormons should have aquatic facilities like the jewish people. so in addition to deacon ball, we could have swim meets and water polo games! i think i might put that in the suggestion box in salt lake. now that would be cool.

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gr8apey said...

Now you REALLY need to read the Book Thief. It will mean that much more to you! What a beautiful blog entry. You write so wonderfully and I enjoy reading!!!