Thursday, May 7, 2009

utah without a suitcase

well, never done this before...drove to st george, bought aenon a car, then turned around and drove back. left at 6am, returned about when the sun was going down. my beloved denali took care of me the whole way. i know, we are weird with our cars. we spend a lot of time together, then start talking to them like trusted confidants. i am losing my mind, for sure.

other than some swollen feet, i was a-ok, heat seater and all. turned on my xm radio and and i was good to go. love a car who owns the road, and sits taller than most other vehicles. learned some interesting things from doctor radio and oprahs channel. got filled in on what sarah palins daughter (also teenage mom) should and should not do (maybe everyone should just mind their own business), and i now know my children should have never been vaccinated, or vaccinated on a way slower schedule-but that is another ranting post in the making. anyway, aenon was able to co-sign with us on this car, so this one is really "hers". hopefully she will keep this one clean, and free from any serious contusions. this exciting purchase brings the grand total to 5 (yes, you heard me right) automobiles poor craig is responsible for.

when i arrived home, the hand me down honda was looking pretty lonely in the driveway, all bruised and dirty. i sort of felt sorry for him, having been so nonchalantly replaced by a "newer" version. i am sure he will perk up once he figures out eden is his new best friend. i know, we are odd...we talk about them like they are alive. never felt that way about my mercedes tho-always hated that car. he was a lazy, no good snob. (i have just a little anger towards him-his dumb cousin, my friend, april's car, is the same way. must run in the family-she hates him too).

thats why he was sent back.

aenon arrived in provo a few hours earlier than i arrived in california-i guess st george isnt the halfway mark after all.


Cortney said...

This made me laugh! When I picked up Dane form school he was telling my about your "dumb Mercedes!" and how you had to get "some Asian man to take it off your hands!" Hahahaha! I died.

Cortney said...

me... I hate typos.

gr8apey said...

I can't believe my evil car got a shout out!! ditto on the HATE!