Friday, May 29, 2009

come borrow my yard

seems as if i am lending my yard out a lot these days. a-ok with me, and an opportunity for me to clean up big time. i was getting accustomed to looking at all of the cobwebs and dirt on the patio furniture. never did much about it, but ignore it. we haven't been out there much this season, however, that is about to change. i got reacquainted with my yard which provides a cozy retreat in this glorious southern california weather. how lucky we are to live in this beautiful sunshine and mild climate.

my friend claudine (click on her name to look at her blog) is an interior decorator and does a garden tour every spring. she called a couple weeks ago to see if she could borrow my yard to use as the stage for her beautifully set table and outdoor decor. i even got to light a whole bunch of candles...amazing what a little candle light will do. she taught a short mini class on how to set a summer table, then the group was off to the other 2 homes on the tour. a lot of fun for a mundane thursday evening.

thank you cupcake queen for the amazing coconut cupcakes and thank you claudine for reminding me i need to keep those cobwebs away and appreciate the beauty of my very own surroundings. 


Cortney said...

I am so sad I missed this. Some friends of mine called me last min. to watch their little 2 month old... I'll have to come over later and maybe Emma can make some more cupcakes!!! Looks beautiful, as everything you touch always does!

gr8apey said...

LOVE!!!!! ditto on the cupcakes!

emma johnson said...

cortney, i will make you cupcakes anytime!

Lauren Parks said...

Thanks so much for having us over! It was so nice meeting you and seeing your fun house. I loved the yummy cupcakes too! I bought all the cupcake stuff at the store. Love your daughter's fab frosting receipe!