Sunday, May 24, 2009

wanna sit in the "put me in a trance" chair?

setting: evening last week, craig is sitting in this above named chair, remote control in hand watching ESPN. he is pretending in his mind that he is actually playing third base in the Dodger game that is going on right in front of his eyes, or is thinking about some other basketball or football game that might be on the other 100 ESPN channels that he might be missing out on that very second, and contemplating which channel he should really be watching. the dilemma. 

shawna: "hey craig, are you hungry?"

no response...shawna waits patiently...waits...waits...waits...and waits more

still no response. craig is still contemplating the seriousness of the ESPN matter at hand. remote control still in a death grip.

dane: (in a very serious, perturbed voice) "dad, there's this nice lady over here that is trying to talk to you...the least you can do is turn around and answer her question!"

finally someone sticks up for me...gosh.

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