Tuesday, May 19, 2009

need to see the shrink for sure

ok, i think i have a problem, or should i say WE. apparently we cannot come up with an excuse NOT to make cupcakes. Today the excuse was dane's birthday tomorrow. HELLO, cupcakes make you FAT!!

he wanted red ones. so he got red ones.
look at how glorious they are in red.
i should open a cupcake store.
i would be 300 lbs.
maybe then i would quit this awful addiction.
tell pavillions to not carry the duncan hines cake mix anymore.
yeah, that would fix the problem.
maybe i should just stay inside.
take the car keys away.
o, wait...how would dane get to school?
and the kids to seminary?
maybe i could home school dane.
and read the scriptures with the big kids, yeah, that's a good idea.
i'm so smart.

1 comment:

gr8apey said...

This made me laugh my head off. Who cares about fat? Skinny is overrated...and ps...you should write poetry!