Saturday, May 9, 2009

somebody's been busy...

i have a small outdoor aviary, which houses my sweet little finches. all colors of the rainbow, even one who looks like a strawberry. the red color on his breast gets vibrant a few times a year, when he is in the mood to make babies. interesting little fact you were dying to hear, i am sure. and i will add, no babies yet. anyway. they are always busy, making their nests all the more cozy, enjoying a bath in the sunlight of the morning, and eagerly waiting for me to step back after i replenish their daily treats of fresh hard boiled egg and lettuce. just love them.

well, this little momma cordon bleu has decided she should spend her whole life sitting on this clutch of empty eggs, and i will say, she has been busy!! too bad no one told her that her man must be infertile, or have some sort of issue. she is still in denial, laying and laying, somewhat hopeful a miracle will occur. she is steadfast in her pursuit of a family, bless her little blue heart.

i had the delicate duty of removing her dream today. so sorry momma, you need to start over. maybe your man will come thru for you in the end.

good luck.

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