Friday, May 22, 2009

jonathan meyer where are you?

i have been digging through old photos recently. located a giant box in the garage. have found some really good ones. this is one rare gem i got my hands on. also i now know how to work the new scanner! i am simply a computer genius. eden was high fiving me when i told her i actually did it on my own. i know, i am pathetic.

one of edens friends was asking to see a photo of me in high school...well, here you go, avery. i know you are loving the artificial fro and the prom dress with no sleeves. sorry girls. i was pretty scandalous back then. i am not a very good next prom dress HAD sleeves. i can even prove it with a photo, which i may provide on another reminiscing post, which youre having a hard time containing all of our excitement for. everyone had a perm too, remember? (oh, you little ones wont remember-you people weren't even BORN yet) also look at the flower in my hair (matches my dress-my mom made my dress, too), all the rage now. who knew the style in 1979 would come back, like 30 years later (see emmas latest post). the handsome young man (i know weird, i look at him in the photo like he would still be 17-not thinking that he is out there somewhere a 47 year old man) was jonathan meyer, the local heart throb. he was a babe, and a junior. he was younger than me-loved that power i had over him.  

we had just moved to mandeville, louisiana from palos verdes, california in the year of 1978. let's just say it was major culture shock for me. however, i learned to love the people and became accustomed to the humid air and  swamps everywhere-complete with alligators who would prey on the small pets of the neighborhood. my dad and i would water ski on the "bayou" on a weekly basis. one of the conditions of these water skiing trips in the afternoons, was not to fall-period. if you ever were unfortunate enough to be stranded in the murky, dark grey, what lies beneath water, the threat of deadly water moccasin snakes was front and center. one bite and youre dead. they were prolific in these waters. would congregate in the reeds on the banks. NEVER land in the reeds. maybe i should be more shocked with the fact that my dad allowed all of this to happen. he has no fear. how stupid were we. oh and we would ski with no observer-just plain dumb. funny how all of this didnt even phase me. i wasnt even afraid to get in the water. we both survived, and living in louisiana my senior year actually turned out to be an exciting adventure. it was a lot of fun. the people were so very different from californians, in a refreshing unique, old fashioned way. the whole town turned out for high school football games, and there was armadillo road kill all over the place. we run over rabbits-they run over armadillos. the kids welcomed me into their culture, and educated me in the proper way to eat crawfish (the locals suck the brains and guts out-ewww), the necessity to wear preppy clothes and before i knew it, i was saying "y'all". graduated a "skipper" (what the heck is that?), the lame mandeville high school mascot, in 1980. not much better than the santa claus mascot tesoro has. who chooses all of these stupid mascots anyhow? oh, better yet, maybe we should have been wasps. dont know why all this bugs me so much.


jonathan meyer if youre out there, would love to see what you look like now. i am sure you are just as cute as you were way back when in the olden days. 


In The Doghouse said...

Oh the days of a perm! Thank goodness they are dead and gone!

gr8apey said...

next time scan the picture bigger so we can really see it...oh wait. Maybe I just need to put on my GLASSES!