Thursday, May 21, 2009

livin the life in the oc

since i am at tesoro every day, this video was particularly funny to me. i enjoy picking up kids from school, actually. i know i am a big complainer. like to say my life is really hard, but in reality. it is not. i like to fake my misery.
i recently realized too, that i wont have to drive anyone next year. i will have children in my life who actually can drive a car. scary, i know. if you encounter a blonde in a little black civic on the road, you are hereby forewarned. 

and i wont have to drive to seminary till dane like 20 years. i will be 65 and in a wheelchair.


gr8apey said...

maybe we can both hire a driver by then, seeing as our licenses may be taken away due to senility! Yikes.

Grandma said...

I think i resent that comment. I am not senile nor has my license been taken away. There is still hope.

Grandma said...

Sorry Shawna. This gramma is Lynne

shawna said... it! you are an in shape, cool grandma!! maybe i can just grow up to be like YOU!!!