Wednesday, May 27, 2009

fun at the fun house


what can i say...the tradition continues-a great party thrown by great people. thanks for all of the warm hospitality, fun people to mingle with and fantastic food. 
oh, and the Laker game too. made the day all the better. too bad they lost so terribly. maybe they should take lessons on "how to rebound".

and also, this was a perfect excuse for us to make cupcakes...AGAIN. we actually had some stiff competition from jenny's (hers were awesome, i must say) beautiful, homemade from scratch ones. lets just say we went home with an empty cupcake holder (which by the way is the most amazing invention ever created-i will post about that later). duncan hines white just rules, i am afraid. each time we make them, a little different...our creativity runs wild. cant wait to go to the party store and get more colors to play with. just dont want anyone to get bored. heaven forbid. i think we are obsessed. 

perfect day.

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emma johnson said...

chuck pinner is one of my most favorite men ever. and i am so so sad i'm not in any of these pictures :(