Monday, April 27, 2009

ipod heartbreak

have you ever wondered why we have lockers in the temple? why should that even be necessary? my mom tells the story of being in the hawaii temple soon after it was dedicated. they provided these beautiful, handmade baskets for the patrons belongings to be stored in while performing sacred temple ordinances. how perfect. well, not so perfect. apparently church members belongings were being stolen. what? did i hear right? not possible.

monday morning at seminary. everyone's belongings (backpacks, books and purses) are thrown in the hall, just outside the seminary door, where gospel principles are taught, goodwill and love abounds.


eden's ipod was stolen from her purse as she was sitting in her seminary class, not worrying one bit about who might be rummaging through her belongings, completely uninvited. she is missing her itouch too, the one she got for christmas. i chalked it up to just being misplaced, but after this, it is probably in the hands of the same punk.

welcome to the real world, eden. and to whoever stole it...i would like to kick your little bratty butt.

so much for mormon love.


Cortney said...

When I was in seminary, I had almost $200 in my wallet for a Drama function later that day. It was stolen... from Seminary. Totally bugged me. But I lived in ghetto Fresno...sorry about the iPod. That sucks.

Northam Clan said...

That really stinks! Unfortunately temptation doesn't have boundaries and can be ANYwhere! I hope it gets returned...doubtfull, but would be nice!

gr8apey said...

So much for our ideas of "safe". That is a complete bummer. Poor eden...luckily boys don't have I warned Carson, but his is always in his pocket! but he does put stuff in his bball bag! Hopefully the guilt will overtake sooner rather than bad there couldn't be a lesson on that!!