Sunday, April 12, 2009

food fight

just for the record, i am trying to lose a few pounds. maybe if i say it out loud, it will become real. i am an epicurean at heart, and unfortunately so are my kids. our world revolves around food, and i might add, good food. we just all need to find time consuming hobbies.

the kids and i decided to take a very impromptu visit to provo to visit aenon and emma. i had recently started a diet and had lost 6 lbs!! i was feeling great. that feeling of euphoria was short lived...unfortunately that 6 lbs was soon to be back, all in a very short span of time and in a big way.

let's see, lets make a list of what we ate. kettle corn at the theatre, FIVE GUYS-best burger i have ever had...o, and fries too, of course. then we were on to the rice king, for some sweet and sour chicken. in fact dane ate and drank so much (well, he did have 2 large lemonades, all consumed in about 2 minutes) he threw up right on the sidewalk of center street. my first calm question when i heard about it via a frantic emma on a cellphone was, "did he throw up in the car??" that's all i really cared about. even as we were leaving provo to come home. i hear a quiet, "i dont feel so well..." hunter did it too. on the side of the highway.

no wonder we had throw up problems.

o, back to the restaurant list... there was the bread store, then iceberg, then the malt shoppe, then kneaders (all you can eat french toast), then gurus, then sushi (i actually only had cucumber salad there...see, i do have will power). need i say more?? o, i forgot, the easter bunny came bearing "easter bags" this year full of good quality chocolate. ugggh.

we had loads of fun, and it was worth the noisy ventilation system in the hotel room, stomach aches and cramped quarters. we visited a super neat art exhibit at byu, saw monsters vs aliens, and shopped at the largest forever 21 in the world. aenon took hunter to a dance party in a parking lot, and emma and i scoped out condos for fall. we even bought a tv for $10 at DI, so dane could play his video game. what a deal.

i wouldnt trade the synchronized laughter from all of my children, long conversations before bedtime, with the lights out, and the instant camaraderie that happens the minute were reunited. like 5 little peas in a pod. cant wait for the girls to come home on a more permanent basis. let the fun begin.


gr8apey said...

I heard all about the throw up!! It reminded me of all the times that Hunter has gotten car sick in my car!! Nothing like eating until you puke! and nothing like a monday to throw the diet back into full swing...I'm right behind you!

Cortney said...

UUmmm... I am totally stowing away on your next trip to Prahvo! Sounds delicious.