Sunday, April 26, 2009

let sleeping dogs lie

why is it that i love my children more when they sleep? all of the warm and fuzzy feelings of caring and devotion are front and center when my children are slumbering away. maybe because they are quiet, and usually clean. nothing better than a freshly bathed and sleeping little boy.

on a recent weekend, where dane and i were the sole occupants of our rather large and cavernous house (at least it felt that way when there were only 2 of us here), he was nervous to sleep in his room where hunter wasn't right next to him in the room adjacent to his. i came up with a solution-he could sleep on the chaise that is in our sitting room, a perfect fit for a little boy. he was thrilled. i tucked him in with his favorite quilt, we said our prayers, then i climbed into my bed. he quickly figured out he had a captive audience, so started this long dialog with me. chatty boy he is. i of course, was not interested in anything he had to say, as when the sun goes down, i basically check out. i just had to politely tell him to be quiet, then it was silence at last. 9:30pm to be exact.

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