Thursday, October 29, 2009

warm heart

i just returned from a parent teacher conference with danes teacher. she is PERFECT for him. I think as a mother when you send your kids off to school as youngsters, you just pray their experience will be good, they will be shown the same amount of love and respect they receive at home and they will be happy. dane loves his teacher. really loves his teacher. and if you know dane, he tells it like it is. does not know how to lie. and the first words that came out her mouth this morning when she greeted me at the door were..."i love your son."
when she told me that, i think my heart skipped a beat. so glad the feelings are mutual.
on the first day of school he told her that he loved her "like a mother", that she could be his "mother" at school. she told me today that was the most lovely thing she has heard in all of her 20 years of teaching. she also told me, as she looked me square in the eye, that dane is one of about 4 students who she considers to be very special, "old souls" she called them.
human beings who make an imprint.
i walked out of there on cloud nine. initially i was worried about the conference, as dane struggles a bit. not a lot, but a tiny bit in a few areas. maybe i was worried because i have never had to really stress about my other kids. they were exemplary students. stars of the classroom, so to speak. easy. emma even skipped a grade because she was so "together".
however, i was told this morning, that dane does well. dane is a star.
dane has friends, and dane is watched over by a teacher who genuinely cares for him.
thank you mrs. elkin.
you cant imagine how warm my heart is right now.
and thank you for being his mother too.

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