Thursday, October 8, 2009

if the shoes dont fit...

so hunter has always liked basketball. always thought he would play in high school, even though his water polo coaches strongly disagreed and gave him a lot of grief for his lofty idea. he always thought it was a good idea, until yesterday. he finally listened to the voice of reason. realized he was biting off more than he could chew, and also realized where his heart is...and it's not basketball.
life is full of hard decisions, and realizations and a-ha moments and lots and lots of mistakes, and i should have done that or i should have done this.
you know what im saying.
hunter had one of those epiphany's last night. we talked about all of the pros and cons...talked and talked, played devils advocate for awhile...then it came down to words of wisdom from coaches he looks up to and admires. ones who know him, and his capabilities. ones who have his best interests at heart. coaches who know HIM, and know him well. maybe the writing was on the wall, when he put a water polo tank top on to go to basketball practice.

well, he finally listened, paid attention to what his gut was saying and learned a lot in the process. and sometimes those who have a little more experience than us, really do know what they're talking about, and usually if there is some hesitation on our part...maybe we should listen to that too.

but sometimes we have to learn the hard way. basketball.
its all good.

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gr8apey said...

I'm not sure if I should be sad, or happy for Hunter to make such a big decision?! How many times did we follow the crowd in high school because we "thought" that's what we wanted to do instead of what we really had a passion for...heck, I'm just learning that lesson!