Wednesday, October 28, 2009

make way for zombies

just reminiscing about the "zombie bike ride" aenon took part in last year.
i guess it is happening again, so all you p-towners, the 2nd annual zombie ride is on again.
thursday night.
what a novel idea.
scaring all those straight laced folks.
love it.

sorry fish, i stole your photos.


gr8apey said...

I'm not even sure how I would react if a group of those "things" rode past me...and I'm not even a straight lace!! That would be so fun to do! maybe we should try it around coto?!

Joan said...

It looks like you really enjoy Halloween out there. I grew up in Washington state and we did Halloween up right there too.

Out here in the Bible Belt there is a ridiculous amount of ignorance and so much of the fun gets taken out of Halloween.

I would love a zombie bike ride!

your first born. said...

mom, its on MONDAY, not thursday. love you.