Saturday, October 17, 2009

i made it

i made it through the long list of ladies who wanted this craft, that craft...who paid and who hadn't, who paid but didn't show up, who showed up and didn't pay, who didn't pay and didn't show up. brought out containers and containers of buttons, and papers and glitter. made several-seemed like hundreds of trips to my car. then went from one table to another teaching multiple classes all at one time, it seemed. organized and over organized all the supplies and more supplies. i was the extreme multi-tasker. very confusing indeed. however, i did it, and had a lot of fun in the process. and to any ladies out there i short changed,
hit me up and i will make it right.


Cortney said...

so much fun. i cursed my pumpkin guy, but when i woke up this morning and saw him on my counter, i was happy.

gr8apey said...

just let me know what is left over from the losers that didn't show up or pay and i will buy!!! I want one sooooo bad. let me know. and ps. i bet you were wonderful!

Claudine said...

you are awesome - my mind boggles when I think of you doing all those classes! let me know who needs what... I'll help!