Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sometimes i wonder

sometimes i wonder if these kids will ever get thru 11th grade.

7:15 am church parking lot after seminary
liz is trying to put on her boot, all the while driving a car. runs into the back of edens car as they are leaving.
7:17 am
hunter calls me laughing about the whole ordeal. liz is crying.
4:50 pm
liz comes over, telling me about her plan to buy her dad an ice cream cake from cold stone
with the words, "daddy i did something bad" written on it (not a bad idea).
chuck still does not know. i cant keep a straight face.
4:55 pm
liz goes outside with eden with a can of flat
(if you are going to do this, shouldnt it be gloss?) spray paint to hide the evidence.


and why is this so funny to me? what is one more dent in edens car, she has already had a maniac of a "friend" kick her car in, and now the parents are threatening to sue US for giving their son a ride home when he missed the bus (excuse me?) good thing i am married to a mean lawyer...had a flashlight thrown at her car (yes, a BIG dent) by a van full of drunk guys, when she and some friends were out t-peeing one night (k, theyre never doing that again)...and last but not least this little fender bender from our sweet liz. all of this of course, too has happened in the course of about 2 months. i told liz she should count her blessings that she hit our car, and not some expensive mercedes in the parking lot, owned by some uptight man. still doesnt get her off the hook, but if i had to pick who i was going to run into?
it would be eden.


Jack and Melissa said...

Hang in there Eden & mama! You've still got Hunter to drive the car for target practice..if it lasts that long. Shanna finished off Jacob/Jessica/Shanna's car the last month of her senior took an old man not stopping for the stop sign(which Shanna did!)& it finally totalled the car..just in time for Shanna's graduation. So hopefully you've got much more useful time out of Eden's car! Good luck Eden--we love you! Melissa & Jack

emma johnson said...

ronald needs to be retired. this is his seventeenth accident in six months.

gr8apey said...

hahaHAHAHAHAHa...that poor car. don't you dare get it fixed...wait until she's gone at least 6 months with nothing happening....THEN, look at dent repair. every dent tells a great story!!

Elizabeth Pinner said...

hahahhahah, wow this isn't embarressing or anything. thanks sister johnson! i regret taking this picture and i need to explain the whole spray paint ordeal.. you need to add pictures of my car! again, i love you and your family and if you need a cake just let me know ;)

shawna said...

aww liz, you know we love you, and its ALL GOOD...we will be laughing about this one for a long time!! and the spray paint...hmmm, just makes the story all that better! and hey, wheres MY cake???