Sunday, October 11, 2009

my photogenic canine

i have 2 dogs who i really love. the one little scotty dog i love visited maria at petsmart. she is so nice and clean now, has a precise "scotty cut", clipped by her skilled groomer who loves and adores her too. she says she is the "best and most beautiful scotty i have ever clipped" her cute little mexican with all of that, you would think i could get a decent photo of this darling little black girl.
she is awkward when i get the camera out, doesnt listen at all and looks like a black, hairy rats nest. doesn't know how to even look at the camera, let alone pose.
she is totally un-photogenic, if that is even a word. she just does not photograph at all.
then i turn to toby...first photo i snap.
he works the camera, every inadvertent pose is amazing.
he is beautiful indeed.
i knew there was a reason i picked him.
what a pair.

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