Wednesday, October 7, 2009

strength in numbers

when i stand in young women occasionally, to recite the young women theme, i always get confused with the recent changes they have made. i always get tongue tied in one way or another. being a previous young women leader, ive got it down-pretty much, memorized it long ago. however, they have added yet another value...virtue. another word to get tripped up on. but well worth the tongue confusion.

to highlight this new value, our stake young women had an activity centered around the newport beach temple. they were featured in an lds magazine recently. this made my heart feel good...and eden even got her picture taken!

hats off to liz forrest!


In The Doghouse said...

Such an awesome activity for Eden to participate in! She is a lucky girl! I love the new value of virtue.

Jack and Melissa said...

This is so cool! What a great experience for Eden..they were lucky to have her there. How things have changed for these young women just from 20 years truly is exciting to watch.
Love you all!

with love, r said...

I'm honored to have my picture on your blog! Hee Hee.
This was a truly wonderful experience for me even just as a leader. I felt the spirit with us so strongly...and afterwards when Sis. Evans and Pres. Brennan spoke - I was extremely moved. Fabulous Fabulous Occasion for us all.

gr8apey said...

I never see this stuff because I don't have any young women!! Thanks for the link...loved the article!