Thursday, October 15, 2009

cant get a break

i waited to post today, until after hunter's water polo game against mission. another heartbreaker with refs that suck (excuse my language, but i just had to say that)...they actually would have honestly won the game if it hadn't been for refs who thought this was all a joke. even as the game went into overtime, and the clock was ticking, they let a player from the other team stand on the floor of the pool, not for just a second...for a LONG TIME...the refs just looked on, as the opposing team had the illegal advantage. unbelievable what these adults are teaching these kids. where's the honor? where's the justice? stuff like this makes me really upset. these kids playing their hearts out and these "responsible" adults there to make the game fair. what a joke.

so there's my rant for the day.
maybe the next game will be better, but i highly doubt it.

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