Saturday, October 31, 2009

the dump needs my junk

when i stay in a hotel, i love the uncluttered, unadulterated space. only the absolute necessary items in the way. i would love to live like that. clutter makes me crazy, and i somehow live in a sea of it. my insanity is attributable to a few things-one of them clutter. so when i sold the old ugly furniture in the office, i put all of the "stuff" otherwise known as junk or clutter or trash, in boxes provided by the new neighbors who just moved in next door. lots of boxes of "stuff"...scrapbooking paper and office supplies, files of "important" papers and lots of different kinds of envelopes and pretty cards from home goods. boxed up a whole drawer full of old prints (as in photographs-weird to see photos on paper these days)...which will most likely need to be scanned at some point. all this stuff i supposedly cannot live without. and im weird about my donations too. have to go to someone who needs all my valuable junk.
HELLLLLLOWWWWW.... the dump needs my junk!!
now i have the task of putting it all back in this glorious empty room...still have the bookcases to tackle...and new furniture to buy, but the clutter drama will forever plague me. and why is it, i can walk into friends homes, and immediately look around and want to straighten up, sort their pantry and do their laundry? then return home and find it impossible to sort my own. i swear i have an illness. and actually, i would not even care if my house burned down to the ground (knock on wood) and all my important, irreplaceable valuables lost in the wind. i think the only thing i would miss are the numerous photos of my kids strewn in the garage in various unmarked boxes...and now a big box sitting on the library floor.

someone please come throw it all away.


gr8apey said...

ohh...ohhh...pick me!!! I LOVE to throw away things...especially if they are really important things!!! besides, you did the first big step...threw out the thing holding all your things!

Tera said...

Isn't it crazy how you can look into a room and think, "Let's just get rid of ALL of it," but then when you actually start going through it you can't seem to throw hardly anything in the trash??? UGGH!

claudine said...

So is THAT why we are redecorating the office? Ha Ha!