Tuesday, October 6, 2009

waiting in the closet

when i hung up this little blue shirt about 6 years ago, i didnt think much about the day when it would be brought out and buttoned up on dane. yesterday, i actually remembered i had put it in the back of his closet, and ran upstairs to retrieve it...all of this a miracle in itself. see, i am not known for my organizational skills and the hoarding of worthwhile items...i save things like wrapping paper, piles of worthless buttons and old birdcages.
ok, now you know.

so there it was, patiently waiting for its day to be lovingly worn...and it slid on his little body perfectly. it even had a little stain on the front, probably cupcake frosting or a brownie smudge from days long ago. dane was happy, big smile on his face...and i was so proud of myself, that i actually saved something of worth, and could actually put my hands on it precisely when it was needed, not a week later.
it was magic.

and thank you ginger for tirelessly making scouts fun for 3 little boys. your service is greatly appreciated. your diligence acknowledged.
your organizational skills admired.

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gr8apey said...

hahaha....i can't believe you knew exactly where it was!!! That's a modern day miracle, if you ask me. Dane is adorable and I bet he LOVED it!