Sunday, October 18, 2009

more water polo...

hunter should actually sign up for the wrestling team, cuz that's all he did this weekend...along with being the recipient of some underwater kicks to the lower back, a few attempted stranglings and some punches to the head while being held under water (he is number 4, white cap). luckily some of these players were thrown out of the game-for a moment. they focus on him because his is one of the sturdiest boys on the team, and plays "whole set"...smack dab in front of the goal. but hunter the gentleman he is, did not retaliate. i, the mother who teaches things she probably shouldnt, advised him after the game, to kick back, and hard. however, he did what his coaches have always told brutality on any terms.
i think i got taught a lesson here with his example.
so i had to watch while hunter got beat up in the pool. and emma screaming to the refs, "theyre pinching him, theyre pinching him!"

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