Sunday, October 4, 2009

token blonde

well, i think i know what it is like to be the only one who is different, in a sea of uniformity. last night i was the token a wedding of a former associate of craigs. she is a darling, smart, ambitious asian girl who married an asian man (hes an attorney too)...amidst their asian families, friends and co-workers. then there sits me. one of a handful of caucasian folks...the only blonde in the crowd. really. i was way ok with it. didnt bother me one bit. kind of fun to be amongst these beautiful, poised and diplomatic people,
and this BEAUTIFUL wedding.
picture this...pelican hill resort, newport beach, ocean view, green golf course, gorgeous, gorgeous huge (im talking HUGE) bouquets of pale, dusty pink and white roses, orchids, iridescent sea shells, hydrangeas and some sort of subtle little baby pink lily...and perfect weather. the ceremony was underneath this tiled domed large gazebo indian looking thing...theres probably a more sophisticated word for it that i dont know...then after the ceremony, we were brought up to a little grassy area where tiny appetizers were brought around on silver trays (tender beef skewers, little spoons of macaroni and cheese and these little smoked chicken wrapped in phylo things...theres another sophisticated word i do not know), and a full sushi mini buffet was in full swing. black chopsticks too (not the cheap ones you have to rub to get the splinters off)...i was so proud of myself...could wield those chopsticks like a pro. there were beautiful silver and glass containers full of flavored waters (cucumber, strawberry and lemon) perfectly lined up glasses and a full bar. why do beautiful events like this just make me melt, make my heart beat faster, put a smile on my face...i LOVE a beautiful party. love the detail. love the presentation of it silver trays, and glass water dispensers...i really should have been a wedding planner. next life.
so thats just the beginning of the festivities...
then we are brought in to this gorgeous ballroom...all the while looking over our shoulders at a full ocean view and breathtaking sunset...a full band is there, blasting LOUD music...not really into the whole band thing, i will say again. especially when you cannot get away from it. loud music in a closed area is annoying. however, that said, the band was good (still not as good as glenns band). now the party was really getting started. we were seated at our beautifully...actually an understatement set table, full of lots of silverware and goblets of all shapes and sizes. the table alone was delicious to look at. then, in the center of the tables...those huge arrangements...commanding the room like giant pillars of sophistication...the orchids dripping down the sides, hundreds of clustered roses packed in there (just how i do it, proud to say)...breathtaking to say the least.
now comes the food part. three courses no less. scallops cooked with a rich, have no idea whats in this sauce and "baby cilantro" sprinkled on the top, a gorgeous asian pear salad with these really interesting broiled cherry tomatoes...then came a filet of beef and lobster tail...and a perfect little square of some yummy potato thing. perfectly done and perfectly presented. love the whole waiter thing too with the guys all dressed in black running around. three waiters would all stand around the table, with their plates in hand, then they would swing the plates in front of us, all at one time, like it was synchronized. never been to anything like this in my life, i will admit. i think i might even want to be one of those fancy waiters. i think that would be fun. maybe im too old though. dont really have the "look".
oh, and the wedding cake...a marbled, perfectly textured cake with a tart raspberry filling, and white cake (my personal favorite) with a strawberry cream. that was perfectly done too.
cant even imagine what this whole thing cost. probably could have fed a small country or purchased a home for someone in orange...i am unable wrap my head around those kind of numbers.

and to top the night off. craig walks outside (to this candle lit courtyard complete with a full bar and roaring fireplace, deep seating all around it) to get away from the music...unknowingly steps in some drunk guys barf. must have been the same color as the carpeting. my first reaction was, "oh no...all that beautiful food gone to waste."

perfect time to go home.

other than that, in a word...sherri, your wedding was PERFECT.
i wish you and larry a perfect marriage...


emma johnson said...

maybe we can have thanksgiving here...?

Mitzi Smith said...

The wedding was incredible. I agree with you there. I am guessing Craig probably wanted to keep the barf story a secret.

gr8apey said...

ohhhh...after our simple affair that must have been BEAUTIFUL...and I can guarantee that it was the cost of a house. and leave it to craig to find the barf.