Monday, October 19, 2009

london calling

so i think emma's summer trip to italy has lit a fire in her. she's got the traveling bug.
that's why i was not surprised when she announced to us at breakfast
she had been accepted into the byu london study abroad program.
so excited for her, so proud of her and know she will just eat it up...just trying to figure out
if i can go that long without seeing her bright smily face.
hmm...maybe a trip to london for ME should be worked out too.
just want to see kensington palace, as you know,
i have a thing for princess diana.

yes...i think so.


Toshia and Jacob McIntyre said...

Wow!! That is exciting. I am very jealous! I love London!!

emma johnson said...

woooohooooo yay for me!!! and both you AND dad are coming to see me! it will be so much fun!

gr8apey said...

woohoo, is right!! the queens jewels are by far the most amazing thing to see!!! you will be blown away!

Cortney said...

so exciting. and i will volunteer to be your traveling partner... after all, craig is so busy!!