Saturday, October 24, 2009

so excited to take the ACT

eden has an asian friend at school who calls her the "white asian".
says he cant believe she competes with him so competently.
she has told me about several occasions where she ends up with better scores than they do.
they must roll their eyes, and go home confused.
i think sometimes she is as surprised as they are.
so when we got an asian salad at mcdonalds awhile back,
the sticker ended up on this girls forehead.
i think she was born in the wrong body.
she's taking the ACT today.
let's see if she can get a better score than kari hill (another smart asian in a white body).


Jack and Melissa said...

GO EDEN!! You need to remind your Asian friends that the REAL brains come from our Viking ancestors...double the fun becuz we can beat their brains out at the same..I can't believe I just said that. GOOD LUCK! Love you,
Aunt Melissa & Uncle Jacket

Shanna said...

I hope her friend is kidding around-- why is it so unbelievable that she's as smart as him?! Of course she is!! (Not that I'm biased...)